April 7, 2017 to May 27, 2017 : USA will initiate war  against Syria. US sanctions against North Korea may turn into ugly war. One more Islamic country will also be a party to war.  The situation may provoke more terrorist attacks against USA.

The financial markets will go south with uncertainty. The stocks may lose 3 to 5% as correction, but overall trend will be towards high.

Russia will backup Syria and the world will be divided in Islamic Allied world on one side AND USA+EU on the other. China will have to take part in the war AND if they don’t , they will face economical and financial setback.

There is a strong possibility, as suggested by planetary positions, that war may be initiated by USA against Syria. Sanctions against North Korea may also  turn into ugly war.

There will be one more Islamic country entering the war and US actions against Islamic countries will provoke more terrorist attacks.

Rough Times for PM Narendra Modi From January 14, 2017 to May 16, 2017 Prime ‎Minister Narendra Modi has entered a very bad patch of his life and political career. The ‎position of planets in his astrological charts strongly suggest that his associates, party, ‎affiliated parties and united parties will seperate from his party or leave him. His union and ‎association with party/ parties will be on brink and fall out. On the other hand those who will ‎leave him and leave BJP will rise again.‎
His actions taken during during this time will dig his own grave. His decisions will turn out ‎to be botched. His actions / decisions will go against him and he will deface his image as an ‎idiot PM for country and people. His image will be ruined and he will loose respect in inner ‎circle.‎
He will have severe health realted issues which will need medical attention.
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Donald Trump will prove himself the best president ever in USA. He will keep and fulfill all promises he made before election. During his presidency all Islamic countries will face sanctions and because of this sanctions all Islamic countries will become one. New world war will be Islam versus Christianity. This means that all Europe will suffer from terrorism. Interestingly, muslim countries will be against USA. During his presidency he will make America strong, great and greater. Trump will create safe environment for US citizens. Traveling through Islaminc countries will not be safe. Amit Shah. New Jersey. Jan 30, 2017

Personalities to Watch

Mr. Xi Jinping
President of Republic of China

Czech Andrej Babis

Andrej Babis
Czech Republic.

Shri Narendra Modi
Prime Minister of India

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